How to care for your hand-wrought ironwork:

Unless specified as having rust or painted finish, all of our production items are finished with boiled linseed oil.  To maintain this finish, dust regularly with a no-wax furniture polish.  If this is done, no rust should form on your piece.   If some rust does appear, rub off gently with steel wool (gently!) then polish with some boiled linseed oil or no-wax furniture polish.   This will keep your ironwork looking beautiful and new for years to come.

For TRTBL and TRCNDL pieces:

For the our cylinder candles, the included glass piece is a tempered glass especially designed for use with candles.  It will not break from the heat of the flame, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

A Mole Hollow candle is also included with your purchase.  We recommend the use of these candles, as they are a smokeless, virtually drip less candle that will burn for approximately 3 hours.  Due to the air vent at the bottom of the candle holder, it is important to remove the candle when it gets low, or the wax will cover the vent and the candle will smoke.

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