Blacksmithing Classes

Wonder why we’re so excited about metalwork? We’d love to show you.


We live in a fast-paced world, with an increasing demand for digital access to nearly everything. You know what we love about blacksmithing? There is no digital, virtual version of metalwork. It’s about as real as you can get. It starts with you, some metal, some fire, and a hammer, and ends with a something you made. We love getting lost in the subtle detail of the perfect curl on a hook, or making sure the ivy wraps just so around a chandelier frame*. We’d love to let you in on our very real experience. Give us a call or sign up here for our blacksmith school. But don’t wait too long- real world experiences are going fast. (And these classes fill up quickly)


*If you want to get to ivy, you’ll have to put in a few years. The hooks we can cover in a few weeks, though.

Sharing the Knowledge

Beginner Blacksmithing Classes


Not really sure how to hold a hammer or what a forge looks like? These blacksmithing courses are for you. We’ll cover all these basics, and teach you a few useful skills to take home, like how to make a hook, a plant hanger, and even shelf brackets. What’s better than taking home actual usable souvenirs? And in case you fall hopelessly in love with blacksmithing, we’ll cover setting up a home studio to keep your fires burning (pun intended).

Open to students ages 13 and up, with parental permission as necessary.

Taste of Blacksmithing Classes

Want to dive in, but aren't sure about a 6-week commitment?  We hear you!  A one-day class with you in mind.  5 hours of instruction, to learn how to work safely, and complete a small project.  It'll be enough to just get a taste...and leave you wanting more.  


There's always room to grow.  Our intensive workshops give the opportunity to delve into the finer points of the craft with a Master. From the beginner to the master, there is always so much to learn.  Check out what we have going on!

Private and Group Lessons

Have a busy schedule and can't make the commitment? Or maybe you want a cool learning experience for a camp group or a group of your friends. We'll work with you to find a time and class type to meet your needs.  

Skill Level Guide:

       It is very important for instructor and student alike to be able to identify skill levels for our blacksmith courses. The following is meant to help place students in a class with the greatest comfort and potential for their success and safety. These skill levels are preferred for classes to function at their best. We strongly recommend you place yourself in blacksmith courses that best suits your skill level.


 Seasoned Beginner:



Little to no experience. Having never lit a fire or hit hot metal.

Having at least one full basic class under your belt*, competent and fairly proficient with all basic forging processes and the use/operation of the standard tools and equipment of the trade.


The above plus 3 years of part-time to full time  in the forge and a good working knowledge/experimentation of joinery,  forge welding and clean proficient forging of tapers, shoulders, drawing stock down to dimensions, spreading stock, layout and design.

The above plus 4 years of more serious work, small to medium size projects, a proficient working skill base of joinery, forge welding, layout, completely proficient in all major forging processes.

*the taste of blacksmithing class does not count towards this requirement


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