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Little to no experience. Having never lit a fire or hit hot metal.​

 Seasoned Beginner:

Having at least one full basic class under your belt*, competent and fairly proficient with all basic forging processes and the use/operation of the standard tools and equipment of the trade.

*The Taste of Blacksmithing class does not count towards this requirement


The above plus 3 years of part-time to full time  in the forge and a good working knowledge/experimentation of joinery,  forge welding and clean proficient forging of tapers, shoulders, drawing stock down to dimensions, spreading stock, layout and design.


The above plus 4 years of more serious work, small to medium size projects, a proficient working skill base of joinery, forge welding, layout, completely proficient in all major forging processes.​​

Skill Level Guide

It is very important for instructor and student alike to be able to identify skill levels for our blacksmith courses. The following is meant to help place students in a class with the greatest comfort and potential for their success and safety. These skill levels are preferred for classes to function at their best. We strongly recommend you place yourself in blacksmith courses that best suits your skill level.

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