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We love sharing our passion for blacksmithing through our classes. It’s as fun for us as it is for our students, and we’re grateful for all the new relationships we make each time. 
Hearing how we've impacted someone's life is one of the great joys we experience through teaching. Here are a few things folks are saying: 

"Had a great time at the Taste of Blacksmithing class this past weekend. Both Justin and Evan are very knowledgeable in their craft and do a great job teaching. I was very impressed with the time Evan spent helping my son during the class to make sure he learned some basic skills and had a good looking completed project by the end of the day. Thank you very much for an excellent day."

 -Taste of Blacksmithing April 2017

I took both the Taste of Blacksmithing in Sept 2017 and the Beginner Blacksmithing in Nov 2017.   I have always had an interest in blacksmithing, and the Taste of Blacksmithing class was an affordable way to find out.  It was a good, challenging class.  I enjoyed it so much,  I then took the Beginner Blacksmithing series of classes.  The best part of these classes was how everyone was able to work at their own pace and everyone was being challenged regardless of ability.  We could hone in on our individual strengths  with no pressure to keep up with the person next to you.   


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Evan and Justin.  The classes are great and I would recommend them to anyone who thinks they might be interested in Blacksmithing. 

-Taste of Blacksmithing Sept 2017 & Beginner Blacksmithing Nov 2017

"Great class. As a complete beginner I learned a lot and appreciated having so much time to practice the different techniques multiple times. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone with an interest in blacksmithing."

 -Taste of Blacksmithing May 2017

"Morrell Metalsmiths Introduction to Blacksmithing Class Critique

In any classroom, there is usually one student who shows little to no aptitude for what is being taught. I am that student. At least in this case.

In sixty-four years I’ve had my share of successes and failures. Like anyone else. Yet, while having done quite well in any number of disciplines, this time I really felt like a fish out of water. Years of woodworking, cabinetry and boat building didn’t prepare me for the kind of experience I was about to undertake.

When I first entered the shop, I felt... READMORE

 -Taste of Blacksmithing May 2017

"We had a great time and would highly recommend this class to others as a great intro to blacksmithing.  A great overall experience!"

 -Taste of Blacksmithing April 2017

"I wanted to thank you guys for today’s class and express what a fun and humbling experience it was. It’s an art/craft  like this that we need to keep in our veins and pass down to generations behind us or it will fade away.


Thanks again for the educational time and fun learning experience."

 -Private Group Class 2017

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