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Anvil Morrell

The Morrell Metalsmiths Story

1982 - Leigh Morrell founds Morrell Metalsmiths as West Village Forge

in Brattleboro, VT.

Morrell Justin
Morrell history
Morrell history shop

1990s - Justin catches the bug at an early age, often accompanying his dad on installations and learning at the shop.  After completing High School, he joins Leigh full-time at the shop.

Morrell new shop

2003 - A new shop is built, and they move into their new home in

Colrain, MA.

2000s - Evan develops and maintains a passion for building, as seen in this replica of a trebuchet he built in High School.  After graduating and joining the Air National Guard, Evan joins Justin and Leigh at the shop full time. 

Morrell work

2012 - The business becomes multi-generational, as Justin and Evan make the transfer official. 

Morrell team
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